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Firmware/Software design engineer for Data4 (

  • Designing drivers and libraries to allow interface with peripheral devices such as printers, acceptors and dispensers of banknotes and coins, bar code readers.
  • Designing management applications in C / C++ and Delphi for the control of automatic tills.
  • Designing network interface systems to connect with other applications, in Windows and possibly Linux environment, utilizing common network connection functionalities.

Skills and experience required

  • Age 30-35 years;
  • Degree in Electronics or IT engineering;
  • 2-5 years experience in designing software and firmware applications for IT products, preferably kiosks and automatic tills;
  • Knowledge of Windows and possibly Linux operating systems.
  • Ability to design in C / C++ and possibly Delphi.
  • Readiness and willingness to grow as a professional, and inclination to engage in contact with the outside world (outsourcing and external design companies);
  • Languages: good command

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