ITALIA - Silea (TV)

A headquarters that day after day develops, nurtures and produces innovations always ready to offer the perfect solution for the needs of the market.

RCH Group’s international headquarters are a Venetian Villa (Villa Garbellotto) near Silea, Treviso; a historic building whose walls breathe the memories of all those who have passed through it, imbued with the essence of the Venetian Republic, and a place where the same creative vitality still vibrates to this day.

These headquarters are the ideal place to house the legacy of a pragmatic, buoyant culture, of intrepid travellers and brave explorers. It is here that, day after day, we reaffirm our identity once more in our innovation in global connections.

An area designed and built ad-hoc to foster the passion of creating and innovating, every day.

The premises house the administration, research & development, sales and marketing departments. . An accompanying area is reserved for the training of the technical and commercial network in order to guarantee the support that goes hand in hand with the innovations.

The Group's warehouses have been allocated not far from the Villa, in dedicated premises in the industrial area of Silea, TV.

ITALIA - San Bonifaccio (VR)

DATA4 Srl Headquarters - designs, manufactures, sells and services money changers, kiosks, and self-service cash machines for the automatic payment of goods and services with cash (coins and banknotes) and in electronic form (Pagobancomat, credit card, loyalty card and Ticket Restaurants).

AUSTRIA - Innsbruck

Rch Europe Headquarters – sells and provides after-sales service for RCH hardware and software products to European countries.

CINA - Hong Kong

Commercial and Administrative Headquarters of RCH Asia in Hong Kong - point of reference for all the Asia Pacific, Middle East and CIS markets. This company is dedicated to the Oriental market to extend and promote the group's products.

CINA - Guangzhou

Commercial headquarters of RCH China in GUANGZHOU - the commercial focus on the Chinese market.

VIETNAM - Ho Chi Minh

Production Headquarters - RCH Vietnam - is mainly responsible for production, storage, purchase and distribution under the highest levels of quality control.