RCH Group is the parent company of a group of companies in 15 countries around the world, each of which focusses on the research and development of cutting-edge solutions. Experience and market demand are RCH Group’s key source of inspiration for innovation.

Drawing from experience, to walk together with our customers towards a new future and improve their quality of life by developing integrated technological solutions (software and hardware) distinguished by INNOVATION, ELEGANCE AND QUALITY.

RCH Group aims to continue advancing its role as architect of change, to contribute to the sociological metamorphosis of consumption and, through innovation, to elevate the cultural nature of society.

Through Innovation, Elegance and Quality, distinguishing traits for 50 years, RCH Group embrace the challenge of ferryman between the Old and the New, projecting their vision of the world which is to come - and is already on the way.

The summary of the values of RCH GROUP Values is in:

  • Providing innovative services and solutions that meet and exceed customer initiatives;
  • Designing unique products both from an aesthetic and technological point of view;
  • Constantly checking the quality of services;
  • Promoting and maintaining the trust of the customer;
  • Creativity, enthusiasm, respect, dedication to the customer and commitment to excellence.