One of the defining characteristics of the RCH GROUP production process is assiduous attention to ensuring high quality at all times, in each single part of the product.

Research at RCH GROUP is an animated process of sharing and listening to the needs of the market.

RCH products are designed to be centre-store. Each product has a distinct and modern, unmistakeably Italian design. RCH products feature a perfect blend of elegance and simplicity in function.

Within the RCH GROUP, technology is at the core of its products in all phases - from design through construction to production.

RCH Vietnam is the Group’s global-level production premises. The site boasts a state-of-the-art factory with pioneering manufacturing technologies, and produces technologically advanced electronic components for RCH products.


RCH is famed for Italian style and innovation in high-tech target products. In order to guarantee the continuity of the high "made in Italy", quality standards which define all RCH products, Italian inspectors carry out stringent quality control checks.

Constant commitment to creating new solutions capable of providing a comprehensive response to market needs; the transformation from commercial importer to true industrial group was specifically aimed at providing quick and prompt answers to market requests.

Constant commitment to renewal has always been a cornerstone of business organisation within the group and is considered to be fundamental for development in every field, from communication and information systems, to the search for new materials such as integrated logistics.